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            I want to disable the Countdown timer and Stockbar. Can you help?

            Have you updated the theme to v1.4? If you have not updated the theme to v1.4, then follow the instructions in 1st video tutorial here,

            Step 1 -  To disable the countdown timer/stockbar > Shopify admin>Online store>Themes>Customize (on right)>Theme settings>Countdown Timer & Stock bar. Check the attached screenshot for reference.

            Step 2 - Next you need to go to >Online store>Themes>Customize (on right)>Select/Click a product on the store> Now in the left menu click on product pages>Scroll down till you see (ORDER OF ELEMENTS)> Select 3 element to None. Screenshots attached (refer D-1 & D-2).

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            Updated: 23 Jul 2019 04:19 PM
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